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Accelogic presents at MDOC’2006 (Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Conference), Gottingen, Germany.

The talk, Very Fast Hardware-Based Global Search Methods for MDO, described an enabling technology for aerospace design: massively concurrent algorithms exploiting the emerging field of reconfigurable computing. The promise is to deploy MDO algorithms that are several orders of magnitude faster than today’s state of the art, using hybrid computing.

Accelogic demonstrates the world’s first reconfigurable computing algorithms to achieve greater than 1,000x speedups for numerical global optimization software.

The world’s first prototype of a massively parallel reconfigurable computing algorithm demonstrating greater than 1,000x speedups for global optimization has been successfully implemented and benchmarked today. Preliminary results using the Pintér benchmarking functions indicate that, when implemented in a commercial reconfigurable computing system, the new algorithm outperforms (in both speed and accuracy) a 1,000 processor […]