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Accelogic signs contract with the State of Florida for the development of strategic Advanced Programs aimed at expanding Accelogic’s scientific outreach and stimulate economic growth.

Accelogic and the State of Florida’s public Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research have signed a business development contract aimed at consolidating and stimulating the growth of Accelogic’s most crucial vertical markets. The contract will provide strategic resources to boost Accelogic’s business development initiatives, and directly drive economic development in the State.

Accelogic’s Fusion/HEP program gains momentum.

Accelogic has recently signed contracts with NASA, DOE, and the U.S. Department of Defense that enable the set-aside of funds to work on the acceleration of Fusion Energy and High Energy Physics applications. We are partnering with the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) and other organizations for close collaboration aiming at developing novel Software Acceleration […]

Accelogic expands in the cloud.

Following Accelogic’s dynamic 8-month initiative on “Radical algorithms for the cloud”, the company now seeks Strategic Project Partners that can benefit from substantial software acceleration. In team with Project Partners, Accelogic will complete the creation of novel numerical libraries to provide next-generation speed/efficiency to existing cloud systems.

Accelogic signs contract with the U.S. Department of Energy for accelerating parallel software that makes use of FFT solvers.

The U.S. Department of Energy awarded Accelogic a contract to expand the scope of Accelogic’s Sca/LAPACKrc package. This development targets novel algorithms in FPGA, GPU, and many-core hardware, which will render unprecedented acceleration for computing the Fast Fourier Transform -a computational kernel of paramount importance in business, science, and engineering.

Accelogic demonstrates acceleration factors larger than 120x for the important class of Direct Sparse Solver software.

Accelogic’s Direct Sparse solver prototype, which is part of the already successful Sca/LAPACKrc research program, has achieved a revolutionary 120x speedup for solving direct sparse matrix equation problems arising from multiple disciplines, such as aircraft design, heat transfer, robotics, and semiconductor devices, among many others. The technology consumes at least two orders of magnitude less […]

Accelogic receives NASA Best Technology Award.

Accelogic received the NASBO award, granted by the Southeast NASBO Chapter to provide grants and mentoring opportunities to NASA SBIR companies located in the Southeast. The purpose of these grants is to encourage and support commercialization of NASA SBIR technologies.

Accelogic demonstrates over 90x speedup for Least Squares problems.

Accelogic’s Least Squares solver prototype, consolidates Accelogic and the Sca/LAPACKrc library as world leaders in breakthrough computing algorithms for accelerating linear algebra systems. The prototype has achieved more than 90x acceleration for solving large-scale Least Squares problems, which offers a direct benefit to numerous business, science and engineering applications.