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Penguin Computing joins Accelogic’s Software Acceleration Program.

Penguin Computing, one of the global leaders in HPC solutions and an innovator in delivering complete, integrated HPC solutions from workstations to the cloud, has just joined Accelogic’s Software Acceleration Program as an alpha-partner. Tom Coull, Penguin Computing’s Senior VP and General Manager says: “Accelogic’s technology, focused on data compression in HPC applications, is ideal […]

The U.S. Department of Energy confirms support for Accelogic’s acceleration technologies and extends Accelogic’s contract for the creation of extreme-speed Eigensolvers.

Accelogic and DOE signed an extension on the contract purposed towards the generation of very fast Eigensolver software. Accelogic’s prior results have proven the utmost potential of the technology, further stimulating investment from the DOE Office of Science to see the company reach its highly-set goals.

Accelogic partners with Peer1 Hosting for the Supercomputing Conference SC‘12.

Peer1 Hosting, a company headquartered in Vancouver, BC, and dedicated to providing large-scale computer infrastructure worldwide, has recently partnered with Accelogic to showcase an impressive portfolio of specialized solutions at SC’12, hosted in Salt Lake City, Utah. This partnership is structured towards providing a wide range of HPC users with the opportunity of optimizing their […]

Accelogic successfully delivers to NASA, a Linear Equation Solver Prototype with unprecedented speeds.

As part of a joint initiative with NASA’s Advanced Supercomputing Division (NAS) to develop an accelerated band matrix solver, Accelogic has successfully delivered a running prototype that proves the high potential that novel algorithms will exploit on accelerator hardware. The final results showed a stunning 60x speedup over traditional solutions.

Accelogic signs new contract with the U.S. Department of Energy to work on the acceleration of Eigensolver-reliant software applications.

The problem of finding eigenvalues and eigenvectors in large matrices is a problem of paramount importance in engineering, science, and business. Accelogic has developed early concepts that lead to the potential acceleration of Eigensolver computing kernels by several orders of magnitude. The DOE has shown keen interest in such endeavor, and a contract has recently […]

Accelogic is rewarded with the Best Technology Company Award at the 2011 Miami Chamber of Commerce Technology Leaders of the Year event.

Accelogic has once again been recognized for its consistent work spearheading the industry of Software Acceleration. This is an extremely prestigious award granted only once a year in the whole South Florida area to the company with the most outstanding accomplishments leveraging technology in order to add substantial value to its customers. The Greater Miami […]

Accelogic secures contract with NASA for the deployment of the world’s first cloud-enabled library of numerical solvers.

Accelogic’s recent findings on novel ways to tackle the communication bottleneck in cloud environments have deserved recognition by NASA. A contract has just been executed with NASA with the intention of researching on utmost techniques for increasing speed when software is subsumed to heavily-built cloud environments. This research promises to produce technologies that can expand […]