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Accelogic partners with Georgia Tech’s STINGER Team for ultra-effective cybersecurity in the U.S. Department of Defense

Accelogic has recently established a partnership with the research team at Georgia Tech in charge of the development of STINGER –an ultra-fast graph-processing software designed to solve some of the nation’s most pressing cybersecurity problems–. This partnership will conduce to an advanced cyberprotection platform with unforeseen features.

Accelogic works with NASA on a novel technology that optimizes memory-access-bound scientific software.

Accelogic has recently signed a contract with NASA Ames Research Lab with the purpose of injectingAccelogic’sdata compression technology for memory-access bound software into some of NASA’s Top HPC codes. This contract builds on top of the results achieved on NASA’s Cart3D software after imbuing it with Accelogic’s communication-acceleration technology.

World’s first real-life experiments confirm anticipated theoretical predictions of revolutionary Accelogic-pioneered technology accelerating NASA software.

Accelogic is producing groundbreaking results with Compressive Computing, a novel technology pioneered and patented by Accelogic. Today’s real-life testbed demonstrations confirm the theoretical predictions that data compression can inject speedups larger than 3x in codes of utmost importance for NASA. Up to 3.2x acceleration has been achieved on software benchmarks provided by NASA Ames Research […]

Accelogic delivers groundbreaking research results on Software Acceleration to NASA’s Advanced Supercomputing Division (NAS).

Under a research contract with NASA’s Advanced Supercomputing Division, Dr. Juan Gonzalez, Accelogic’s President & Chief Scientist, presented to NASA Management the fundamentals of a new theory of Compressive Computing, targeted specifically to accelerate memory access in software hampered by slow data movement to and from RAM. A proof-of-concept prototype was presented, illustrating the paradigm-shifting […]

Accelogic unveils groundbreaking 3x-10x speedups on key numerical software for the U.S. Department of Energy in Washington D.C.

Accelogic delivered final groundbreaking results on the acceleration of the so-called eigensolver mathematical problem to the Head Program Managers of the Department of Energy’s Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) program. Accelogic’s R&D team, led by Dr. Juan Gonzalez, proved that Compressive Computing, a novel theory of Software Acceleration pioneered by Accelogic, can significantly reduce execution […]

Accelogic invited to Workshop on Business Opportunities in Advanced Computing and Networking, hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Accelogic was a guest at the DOE Workshop on Business Opportunities in Advanced Computing and Networking, held in Chicago, IL. The workshop, hosted by the DOE Office of Science, was focused on building and strengthening the ties between producers and consumers of high-performance software technologies. The attendees were made of software technology innovators, independent software […]

Accelogic’s Board of Directors approves the company’s 2015-2018 R&D Roadmap concentrated on the conception, development, and exploitation of novel data compression technologies to inject dramatic accelerations into “data-movement-bound” software.

The initiative, led by Accelogic’s Research Division, will set a new bar for Software Acceleration, and will potentially impact an extremely large class of software applications in need of larger speeds across most domains of science and technology.

Accelogic to develop groundbreaking technology for accelerating NASA’s communication-bound HPC codes.

Accelogic signed a crucial contract extension with NASA Ames Research Laboratory to deliver groundbreaking Software Acceleration technology via data compression for communication-bound software. Five of the Top-8 software applications used at NASA’s data centers have signed up as early adopters to benefit from the increases in speed that will be enabled by this technology.

Accelogic showcased by Information Week Magazine.

As an important spearhead in Software Acceleration for NASA’s scientific missions, Accelogic was recently promoted in a publication by Information Week Magazine: “NASA’s belief that big ideas can come from small businesses has led the space agency to select 108 proposals from 99 small US firms that might support future missions and hold promise for […]

Peer1 Hosting joins Accelogic’s project on the acceleration of communication-bound software.

Peer1 Hosting, a world leading provider of hardware infrastructure for on-demand HPC computing, will serve as one of the major infrastructure providers for the project. Rich Rivera, Peer1’s Cloud Director for the Americas says: “Your technology has the potential to produce tremendous savings on off-chip power consumption, inter and intra-node communication times, processor queues, and […]