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Accelogic delivers prototype to the U.S. Army with 12.7x acceleration of a vortex convection explicit solver.

Today Accelogic demonstrated that extreme accelerations are possible on the CREATE-AV Helios Framework. A fully-functional Xeon Phi prototype was delivered to the U.S. Army showing a 12.7x speedup over a top-of-the-line Haswell system on vortex convection explicit solvers. This type of solvers constitutes a very important part of CFD analysis in the rotorcraft community.

The U.S. Army funds Accelogic’s technology for the acceleration of rotorcraft simulation software.

Accelogic has recently secured a contract with the U.S. Army to accelerateCREATE-AV Helios, a finite difference CFD Cartesian code used in the simulation and design of rotary-wing aircraft. The Helios framework will be optimized for order-of-magnitude speedups, and will also be endowed with the capability of using many-core hardware such as Intel’s recently releasedIntel Xeon […]

Accelogicdelivers a cybersecurity prototype to DARPA with over 60,000x acceleration over traditional graph database frameworks.

Accelogichas recently delivered a functional prototype to DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) at Plan-X headquarters, showcasing a paradigm-shifting >60,000x acceleration over the most widely used graph processing frameworks. These results are derived from Accelogic’sworkona contract with DARPA geared towards the acceleration of graph processing frameworks in search of real-time analysis of cyberthreats.

DARPA and Accelogic explore how to contain cyberthreats via ultra-fast Graph Programming Frameworks capable of detectingmultiple cyberattacks in real time.

DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has awarded Accelogic a contract to work on the real-time detection and contention of cyberattacks placed on U.S. government agencies.  DARPA is one of the most prestigious research agencies in the world, laying behind the invention of the internet. Accelogic will integrate avant-garde techniques to boost the performance […]

Accelogic discloses the results of its pioneering research on optimization strategies for memory-access acceleration of HPC codes.

Dr. Juan Gonzalez, the lead researcher of Accelogic’stechnologies on data compression, presented to the NAS Division at NASA Ames the strong results achieved under current contracts with NASA. A hefty 2.5x speedup was evidenced in the latest releases of Accelogic’s prototypes, which use NASA’s NAS Parallel Benchmark software as the testing platform.