Accelogic unveils groundbreaking 3x-10x speedups on key numerical software for the U.S. Department of Energy in Washington D.C.

Accelogic delivered final groundbreaking results on the acceleration of the so-called eigensolver mathematical problem to the Head Program Managers of the Department of Energy’s Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) program. Accelogic’s R&D team, led by Dr. Juan Gonzalez, proved that Compressive Computing, a novel theory of Software Acceleration pioneered by Accelogic, can significantly reduce execution times of both direct and iterative distributed eigensolvers, which are crucial for a wide class of humanity-relevant software applications. Accelogic’s acceleration technology consistently provided over 3x speedups when injected into state-of-the-art solutions, reaching over 10x for certain particular problems of importance to ASCR. This work has been performed under a research contract with the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science.

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