About Us

In 2005 Accelogic was founded as a spin-off from state-of-the-art research performed at Bell Labs. The revolutionary ideas supporting the creation of the company immediately attracted attention from the U.S. Government, which provided important allocations of seed funds for Accelogic to have a successful, powerful start.

Accelogic was strategically established with the main intention of accelerating, as its name suggests. To be more precise, we could say that the core technologies, theories, ideas, and concepts proposed by Accelogic target the groundbreaking acceleration of any software through novel, easily-injectable techniques.

In our first years, we channeled our ideas towards the High-Performance Computing (HPC) industry in order to speed up scientific software. The extremely high demands required by our initial customers gave us key insight on how to enable radical accelerations in other kinds of software. Accordingly, throughout the years, we have moved on to also tackle all other industries where software is “speed-hungry”.

The Result

We have serviced several key players in various industries, increasing the speed performance of their software, thus giving them huge advantages over competitors and providing them with the ability to take their businesses to other realms of execution. This has usually manifested into the deployment of higher-quality products and services at reduced costs, and sometimes even to the generation of new scientific discoveries. In more than 10 years of business, we have never failed to accelerate substantially a piece of software laid out in our hands.

To reach our goals, Accelogic has assembled a Top R&D Team with several of the world’s most renowned scientists in the fields of software engineering, high-performance computing, algorithm design, and hardware systems.

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Our Headquarters

Our headquarters are located in South Florida, just minutes away from the Florida High Tech Corridor.
You can reach us by phone, fax or mail:

Mailing Address:
1633 Bonaventure Blvd
Weston, FL 33326
Phone: (954) 888-4711
Fax: (954) 208-0018
E-mail: info@accelogic.com